ABC Fencing - Insurance claims


After inspecting the damage to your property ABC Fencing can forward a detailed quote on your behalf directly to your insurance company.

Divisional Fenceline

A divisional fenceline is defined as a fence separating two or more adjoining properties.

Our quote will show the total cost to repair the fenceline. The cost will then be shared by all the property owners involved.

Boundary Fenceline

A boundary fenceline is defined as a fence which does not separate the property from neighbouring properties and is therefore the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

In the case of repairs to a boundary fence, the amount shown on our quote is the total amount payable.

Commencement of work

Once you have received confirmation from your insurer for ABC Fencing to undertake repairs at your property, please contact our office as soon as possible so that we can schedule the work to commence promptly.

Insurance Excess

It is always advisable to check your insurance policy or call your insurer to determine whether your particular policy carries an excess.

When you have established the amount payable by yourself we will then collect this from you upon completion of the work.


If you have any queries regarding your fencing repairs please do not hesitate to contact our office where one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.